1. Hurricanes destroy a great deal of property every year.
A great deal of property is destroyed by hurricanes every year.

2. The Smith Construction Company was building the hospital on Elm Street.
The hospital on Elm Street was being built by The Smith Construction Company.

3. No one has invited John to the party.
John hasn’t been invited to the party.

4. When did someone establish this school?
When did this school established?

5. Did my direction confuse you?
Did you confused by my direction?

6. All the supervisors looked into the matter carefully.
The matter was looked carefully by all the supervisors.

7. The detective went over the crime scene again.
The crime scene was gone over again by the detective.

8. What made the building explode?
(Tricky question!!! No subject!!!)

9. Has somebody drunk my tea?
Has my tea been drunk?

10. He wants her to bring the camera.
He wants the camera to be brought by her..

11. The salesman provoked me to buy the product.
I was provoked by the salesman to buy the product.

12. The Police warn us not to spread a terror.
We are warned by the police not to spread a terror.

13. People spell “writing” with one “t”.
“Writing” is spelled with one “t”.

14. Will someone deliver the mail tomorrow?
Will the mail be delivered tommorow?

15. People spell “written” with two “t”s.
“Written” is spelled with two “t”s.


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